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As Advertised On TV Products

OZ has been designing innovative and new products since 1998 and now has developed into a global company operating all over the world, with its warehouse in Sydney, NSW. Our esteemed products have also been used in TV infomercials in Australia. Our design legacy is founded on a culture of curiosity and groundbreaking spirit that challenges the conventional appliances designs to deliver products consistently, which are adapted to human needs.

For OZ, legacy concerns to looking at the future, while making sure that what we develop and design today, is associated to the primary principles of sustainable design. The company is committed in doing ongoing development and research.

At the heart of OZ lies the dedication for people who are looking for the ultimate innovation, which will change their everyday life in to something that is out of the ordinary. Our primary goal has always been to provide our customers with such products, which will make their life easy.

OZ is evolving. Our company is all about smart products, which gives you more at a low price. We are Australia’s favourite shopping channel online. Our brand logo reflects our way of thinking. We love developing new products and thus have every kind of solution for home, beauty, kids, cleaning, house and kitchen. As advertised on TV our products are cheap and reliable.

As shown in TV advertised products, we are passionate about the kinds of products we offer to you and your family, but that is not all! All ranges of our TV products carry the OZ guarantee, and in case of any problem, we offer you full money back guarantee. So why not let OZ become your smart choice today!

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