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4 in 1 Bake Pops Bundle Special Offer!!

Date : 02/06/2013

Author : Ozseen

Offer includes great

Incredible Oven Glove

Designed like an everyday glove but built with fabric heat resistant to 350°c Incredible Oven Glove offers total control and safety when handling hot objects

  • Fits either hand
  • Remove hot trays safely
  • Ideal for BBQs or removing hot light bulbs
  • Machine washable
Twist N Chop
  • Chop food in an instant!
  • Multiple gears inside lid increase cutting force
  • Double-sharpened blades chop in both directions
  • Clear bowl shows chopped size of ingredient
  • Keeps hands and counters clean!
  • Dishwasher Safe
100 reusable Bakepops Sticks

The perfect complement to your Bakepop cooking experience!
Enough sticks for years of cooking.

4 in 1 Bake Pops Bundle Special Offer Include Bakepops pan + The Incredible Oven Glove + The Twist N Chop + 100 reusable Bakepop sticks.