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Car Care Hot Offer

Car Care Hot Offer

4 in 1 Car Care Bundle Hot Offer

Microfibre Towels

Premium quality Microfibre Towels are high performance car care essentials.

The extra-large towels are the ultimate tool for achieving a high-gloss, professional sheen.

Scratch Repair Pen

Ugly scratches on the paintwork on your car over time are inevitable.

Careless road users, branch scratches, keys around the door, even car washes.

Introducing the Scratch Repair Pen! The new fast and easy way to remove unwanted marks and scratches from the clear coat of your car.

Microfibre Mitt

Microfibre Mitt is a professional car care accessory that will give your bodywork a high performance finish!

The unique microfibre weave lifts dust and dirt like a magnet, giving your car a superior clean, without any swirls or scratches!

Scratch Remover

Scratch Remover is specially designed to restore and protect any vehicle's paintwork. It eliminates surface scratches, marks and blemishes to give a perfect professional finish and it’s safe, effective formula is ideal for cars, motorcycles, boats, caravans, alloy wheels and much more.

Wheel Brush (Free!)

A strong, practical flexible brush for lifting heavy dirt in and around your wheels.

It bends and twists to get into hard to intricate and hard to reach places. It’s soft on your wheels but tough on road grime!