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Sticky Buddy

Sticky Buddy

Sticky Buddy is the reusable sticky roller that has the power of glue without the goo!

Sticky Buddy has rubber fingers that work like magic to clean spilt mess lodged in floor coverings, carpets, couches, stairways, the car and more. 2 x Sticky Buddys plus 2 x detailers for $49.95

The scientifically designed rolling adhesive is gentle enough for delicate fabrics yet tough enough to clean heavy jobs like carpets and floor coverings.

Sticky Buddy has built-in rubber fingers to get down deep in the pile to pull the mess to the surface where it can be captured – pet hair, crumbs, cat litter, cob webs and so much more!

Its reusable – just roll until its full of captured mess, then rinse under warm water, dry, then use again and again to save you money.

Sticky Buddy also comes with a fold out smaller Sticky Buddy detailer – perfect for capturing clothes lint and dust in hard to reach places.